Kitchen Cabins

Kitchen cabins have 1-2 bathrooms, 1-2 bedrooms, and a kitchenette

These cabins are larger cabins with 1-2 bedrooms and 1-2 bathrooms. Garbages are dumped daily. Kitchen cabins are great if you need more room or privacy, living rooms, and/or spending more time in your cabin. Most of these cabins also have outdoor picnic table/grilling areas with decks and/or covered porches with outdoor furniture. These cabins house 2-8 guests per cabin depending on the cabin. #8 - Buckaroo does not have a kitchenette, but it is a larger space cabin. We recommend you book ASAP to get your preferences. As all of our cabins are different, please read through the listing details.

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Summer rates are in effect Memorial Day through Labor Day. Price Range is $272-$390/night

Off season rates are early May, before Memorial Day and after Labor Day in September. Price Range is $245-$352/night

*All cabin rates subject to a 5% sales tax and 4% lodging tax

Cabin Details

  • Cabins non-smoking and pet-friendly
  • Cabins are furnished with a coffee maker and hair dryer
  • Cabins are not furnished with TVs, internet, or AC, but do have ceiling or room fans
  • There is a shared TV and shared computer for basic internet access in the lodge area, and a shared public landline phone available for use
  • Cell phones do not usually work in our canyon/mountain location
  • Bed Sizes: D=double, T=twin, Q=queen, K=king, WB=wall bed, BB=bunk beds
  • Lofts: There is a single or double mattress in each sleeping loft, but keep in mind they have low ceilings with a crawl in space. Lofts are suitable for children or flexible adults. Lofts and top bunks should be used by children six years old or older for safety.
Please see all Policies Below

Check in time is anytime after 2:00pm. Office closes at 10:00pm. Check out time is 11:00am.

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Reservations & Deposits

Reservations Recommended: Today’s Travelers travel with reservations. That’s particularly true  here in the Yellowstone area. Our lodge   is family owned and operated. When you make a reservation with us, you are making a commitment to us and we are making a commitment to you. Make sure you reserve your cabin only for as long as you want it. You will be charged for the time reserved.

To Make a Reservation you will need to pay a lodging deposit. For shorter stays (up to three nights) the deposit will be equal to your first night’s charge plus 9% sales/lodging taxes. Longer stays will require a two-night deposit. You can charge your deposit to MC, VISA, or Discover. When we run your card, we will send you a confirmation of your reservation, be sure to check it for accuracy. Your deposit not only pays your cabin in full for the first night(s) and guarantees your reservation in case of late arrival, it also serves as your deposit for all subsequent nights reserved. Upon your arrival we will ask you to pay the balance of your booked lodging charge. Failure to claim your cabin the first night may cancel your reservation and forfeits your deposit.

Deposit Refunds: If you cancel your reservation at least 30 days prior to your scheduled arrival, we will refund your deposit less a $50 fee/day of deposit. If you cancel your reservation within 30 days of your scheduled arrival you may forfeit your entire deposit.